Our Line Up

a gathering of friends from around the world

Again this year, many friends, OSHO lovers and meditators are coming back to Lesvos to join our Summer Festival 2019 in August. We have prepared a beautiful program with amazing facilitators, musicien & seekers.

Have a look below at our line up for this year.


Adhiraj has a university degree of Bsc Law/Psychology.
He is an OSHO Therapist trained in the OSHO multiversity in India.
He leads the OSHO diamond Breath training, Starlight Transomatic Dialogue Training and facilitates the OSHO Meditative therapies around the world.
He is also a certified Chi Gung instructor.


Ananda Eliza, of Turkish origin, grew up in Berlin Germany. She started dancing Ballet at the age of 5 followed by Jazz, Steps and Modern Dance and finished her Junior Musical Education Berlin in Drama and Singing. Black American and Afro-American teachers were actually father-figures who influenced her whole life.

Soul, Funk and RnB music guided her desire for music. A taste of Buddhism and Meditation through these teachers at a young age were a gift and a glimpse for later. Developing her singing in churches and in Gospel choirs, she started professionally performing and dancing in fashion shows at the age of 16. 

For 7 years, she was based in New York where she trained her voice in Classical music and Jazz followed later by a Musical Broadway Trainee Program. Some record deals gave her then the chance to perform on huge stages traveling worldwide in the commercial Pop scene. Years later she could finish her study in Economy and Marketing in Berlin.  

In the peak of her life and musical career she decided to make a radical change. Her questioning about her background and her roots made her move to Turkey Istanbul where she is still based and in a relationship since the last 15 years. 

The West was totally experienced. Touched by her culture she started traveling to the East. The first time she travelled to India in 2009, she visited the Osho Multiversity in Pune without knowing who Osho is. A Sanyassin friend in Istanbul had told her “you are a seeker, just go”. From that day she knew she is on the right path, doing all she loves and finally after a glamorous life she met herself just as a being. On a long stay in Rishikesh she became a certified Hatha Yoga Teacher, followed by Reiki training in Dharamsala. Back in Turkey she worked in day time as a Yoga teacher and as a singer in night time. 

To work with children in art became her favourite. Meditation helped her to dive deeper into the mystique path as she met on her journey Sufi masters and got in touch with Dhikr. 

In 2012 she visited for the first time the Afroz-Family in Lesvos – Greece. She found a second home and lived there for 2 years. Today she rotates between India, Greece and Turkey, sharing her work in Art therapy and meditation.

 In combination with Breathing Techniques Singing and Dancing, she is giving Vocal Sound Healing workshops. 

She believes everybody can sing if we support and encourage people by opening the hearts and healing the body. For Ananda, the voice is an instrument and it opens the doors to the Divine.

Ananda still works as a professional singer and started recently producing. She also gives workshops in Voice Sound Therapy, Yoga Dance Therapy, Shamanic Rhythm and Move, and the Breath of the Sufis (Zikhr ). 


Anekant is trained as: an Osho meditation leader, An Osho Meditative Therapies leader, an NLP Trainer, a hypnotherapist, a clean language councellor and much more. He has been working with people for 39 years and considers that the real training is a mixture of, being deeply rooted in the Osho experience and the skills that he has gathered over decades of work.


Two years after graduation from Mimar Sinan University Istanbul State Conservatory Ballet Department, Devi ended her active dance career. Since 2000, in addition to her physical works, spiritual works began to take place in her life and inevitably became a way of living for her. During this time she chose to proceed and deepen her understanding with Osho.

The last 15 years she worked with many different masters and teachers from all over the world as a participant and assisting.In 2014 she got her Usui Reiki Mater degree.Now she is living part of the year in Turkey and Greece as well as travelling and sharing her work in the world.

Dhyan Prem

Born in 1969, Dhyanprem has lived in Pune since 1990. For nearly twenty years, he has meditated and worked at the OSHO International Meditation Resort. DP has extensively trained with master therapists and body-workers in the art and science of Taoist, Indian, Sufi, Jewish & Japanese bodywork techniques. He studied Gurdjieff Movements with Amiyo Devienne & Jivan.

Since 1997, he has lead groups, seminars and offered individual massage sessions all over the world to share his meditation and healing experiences. Some of the places include the Institute voor Aandacht & Mindfulness in Belgium, Sicily, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Higher School of Social Work and Social Pedagogics “ATTISTIBA”, Latvia, Lithuania, China, Korea, Hong Kong, Bali. Today he is living and working in the OSHO Humaniversity in Holland.


Ma Shanti Gitama is born in Germany, studied psychology and philosophy at Frankfurt University. She has been working with people in the field of tantra and meditation since 1989. Therapist and former director of the Osho School of Tantra and Meditative Therapies, Pune.
Trained in and conducting workshops in Tantra, Counseling, Primal, Inner man-Inner Woman work, Breath, Energy work and Meditative Therapies worldwide. Lives since 2002 in Israel, and mom of twin girls since 2012.


Jeeval is a color therapist and a Feng Shui consultant. She is an accredited teacher by ASIACT, and a certified facilitator in Systemic Constellation by DGFs. She has been trained in self-development and meditative therapies such as NLP, Neuro-imaginative Gestalting, Transessence consultation practice, Childhood Deconditioning, OSHO no Mind and OSHO Reminding Yourself of the Forgotten Language of Talking to Your BodyMind


Kaifi, creator of ‘From Separation to Unity’ and co-creator of ‘Conscious Coaching & Mentoring’ has been trained in and initiated into many different methods and techniques. He is licensed as a HeartMath® Coach, a facilitator’s trainer of OSHO Meditative Therapies and Active Meditations as well as a certified practitioner of DVNLP and Ericksonien Hypnosis.

For many years now Kaifi has been working with individuals, couples and groups all around the world. The trainings, courses and retreats he facilitates include:

♥ From Separation to Unity – Course and Practitioner Training
♥ Conscious Coaching and Mentoring Training
♥ Die Before You Die – The Art of Let-go
♥ Meditation in Depth with Live Music and Facilitators Training
♥ OSHO Meditative Therapies – Courses and Trainings
♥ Energy Healing Inspiration

The main sources of inspiration for Kaifi’s work have been his own life experiences and above all his way of living, which has been ‘on the edge’ for many years.

At a certain moment a point of transformation occurred when the concept of ‘From Separation to Unity’ (FSTU) was born. It’s an elegant system of Energy Healing that was created intuitively, yet in complete accord with the latest scientific research on heart consciousness. In 2017 Kaifi developed ‘The FSTU Practitioner Training’ for those interested in sharing this powerful technique. This is a training to facilitate highly-effective sessions for individuals, couples and groups. 

Born on the Greek island of Crete, Kaifi has since travelled extensively around the world. He is currently living at and participating fully in all dimensions of the OSHO Afroz meditation centre, located in the small valley of Eresos on the Greek island of Lesvos.The recent experience (2015) of becoming a father has served as a rediscovery of the beauty of life and a reawakening of life’s amazing qualities!


Kimaya Carvalho (B.A Food Engineer) left the scientific researcher career, to dedicate herself to human development field and meditation. Since very early age, her inner quest took her travelling around the world, exploring, experiencing and learning methods of meditation and healing arts. She integrates various techniques emerged from Psychology of the Buddhas, shamanic and esoteric science, Tao, Tantra, Zen

Since 1991 she facilitates workshops and trainings at the OIMR, Pune-India, and Internationally. Her approach of working with people blends the natural wisdom of her motherland Brazil; with the science of the west; and meditation of the east; her groups open a space where inner transformation can happen.  She is trained  in OSHO Therapy & Meditative Therapy, Family Constellation, Zen Counselling, Centering &Hara Awareness©, Awareness Intensive, Avatar© Esoteric Science, Pulsation (NeoReich), Women`s work, Tantra Essence , Neo Tantra, OSHO Samamasati , extensive bodywork & healing art therapies amount several other fields of human development and is currently training in SE ©.Kimaya created the Essence of the Feminine Training, Tantra awareness program and Inner Alchemy. Her work and life have been deeply inspired by Osho, and her presence brings a unique flavour of depth and spontaneity


Kranti is a professional bellydancer and therapist with over 10 years of experience. Creator of Orgasmic Bellydance, she has helped hundreds of women around the world to recover their orgasmic power and feminine glow. While she travels in places like India, China and Mexico she shares her dance and spreads this orgasmic female revolution.


Lalitya was born in a musical Moscow family, she wanted to sing from very early childhood and started to do so professionally at the age of 16. Later she completed a professional education to be a singer and a vocal coach.

She came into the world of Osho in 2012, going through a lot of Dynamic Meditation, groups, seminars including bodywork training, body mind exploration and creativity. Lalitya is a student of Osho Divine Healing Arts School and gives Zen-Shiatsu sessions. Presently she lives in Moscow organizing various Osho meditation and celebration events. That includes group meetings called “The Joy Of Sounding” – awareness workshops centered around vocal, singing and witnessing. Often she does it together with her partner Atmo Ravi. Lalitya is a part of a musical trio “SATGITA” that composes and performs music for meditation and celebration playing in front of people in different places every now and then.


Elena Mahí Pavlidou-Reisig is a certified yoga (Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and Hot Yoga) and modern dance (ISTD - Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing) teacher. Dance and movement have accompanied her since her early childhood, leading her from a classical ballet training to contemporary and modern dance, planting the seed of her fascination for coordination of movement, flow and lines. 

In her twenties, she discovered yoga as means of energising and centring both body and mind, allowing her to respond in turn with calmness greater awareness to the requirements of her work as an architect. During her first yoga teacher training, “The Rising Moon” at Yoga & More (Berlin) in 2012, she decided to commit to teaching and exploring yoga on a professional level. Her training further includes meditation and breathwork techniques, anatomy, ayurveda, energy and chakra work. She has been practicing yoga for over ten years, as well as teaching in Berlin and internationally since 2012.


Nadeen is known for his warmth, presence and his ability to guide people deep into the inner World where they are encouraged to find their own answers on whatever question they come along with. He loves lightness and laughter as well as all ways that support consciousness. He was trained in different bodywork and breath technics, Hypnosis , Esoteric Science, several Therapeutic methods and Osho Meditative Therapies.

Much of his Understandings are based on his participation and experimenting at different mystery schools. He uses his skills to respond to the moment… In his sessions and courses he has worked with people from all over the world and many cultural backgrounds. Nadeen supports the participants to trust their natural selves and to learn how to find a relaxed balance in all aspects of life. Trusting and understanding ourselves liberates once life energy and potential. Nadeen offers individual sessions, courses and trainings.


Niradha graduated in Psychology at the University of Zagreb (Croatia) and also received her Dance Teacher/Choreographer diploma after finishing school for professional dancers, choreographers and dance teachers (School of Contemporary Dance 'Ana Maletić', Croatia). She is a certified Dance, Art and Breath therapist.

Also she facilitates all Meditative Therapies and trainings for facilitators for Osho Born Again and Osho No Mind. Niradha is the founder and the president of the “Centre for creative development and dance” since 1998 and the art director of the company “Dance Center Osmijeh”. She has been working for more than 20 years with people leading different seminars and trainings connected with dance, art and therapy. She is author of: the training ‘Creative Movement & Art Therapy ’; ‘Through Movement and Dance to Health’; ‘Creative Inner Alchemy Training’; ‘Bodyfeeling’; ‘Passion for Life: Joy-Trust-Love’; ‘Creativity & Celebration’ ; ‘Inner Dance Alchemy’ and a co-author of: Educational Training ‘Creative Movement’ ; ‘Inner Alchemy of Relationships’ ;‘Into the body – Out of the Mind’.She leads different trainings, seminars, workshops and individual sessions in Italy, Greece, Turkey, China and Croatia. She leads different trainings, seminars, workshops and individual sessions in Italy, Greece, Turkey, China and Croatia

Premartha & Svarup

Premartha & Svarup are fellow travelers since a lifetime. Together, they have been working with people in the world of Osho for more than thirty years. They are very experienced in the field of Primal and emotional healing, Sexuality and transformation, and Essence.

Their love is to inspire in others creativity, courage and trust in life. Their work has a successful outcome in both the inner and the outer world.

Out of their combined passion, has grown their unique way to teach, which is called DWIJA-TWICE BORN, a multicolored journey through a large variety of groups, courses and trainings. Together, they have written a book about their work: “TWICE BORN-Healing the Past-Creating a New Future”

They also enjoy sharing their art, and have written and illustrated the first book of a trilogy: “THE LITTLE BUDDHA AND THE COSMOS”, about the never-ending adventures of an ancient Buddha that comes back as a child.


Omprakash is a Holistic healer, founder of the Diamond Age Flower Essences, of the transcendental mushroom essences, of the  workshop “Manifesting the true you” and meditation instructor.  The approach of his work focuses on helping the individual to recognize his/her true essence and innate talents, to create a deep harmonization within and to live a life full of meaning, joy and fulfillment.

Omprakash walks the path of meditation and inner development since the year 2006. Having participated and trained in a variety of healing workshops, meditative therapies and self – awareness seminars, he shares the experience and deep belief that every human being is a unique manifestation of existence that has within an amazing potential that is waiting to be manifested. 

His life has led him into intense experiences through darkness and light, initiating him in deeper and subtle dimensions of the self. He walks his life through the qualities of innocence, acceptance, sensitivity and love, he has been given the gift to experience and go through subtle dimensions of life and recognize the divine essence in different forms of it.

He has experienced his life falling apart and raising again and again in different stages of it. Each of these falling apart stages were an ending circle of evolution and a message from life that he was missing a subtle alignment with his true essence and his path, in each raising step he was receiving guidance and tools from inner and outer nature in order to be in finer alignment with his true essence, his path and create a more meaningful life. From these experiences life led him to create the diamond age flower essences, the transcendental mushroom essences and the ‘’manifesting the true you’’ workshop, which are the basis of his life and lead him step by step in a deeper understanding of his true essence and his path. 

Omprakash leads Diamond Age Flower Essences and transcendental mushroom essences workshops and trainings, “manifesting the true you’’ individual and group workshops and meditation workshops. He gives NLP and Flower Essences sessions, instructs seminars in Reiki degrees and is a practitioner of various massage systems.   In each session and workshop, he brings all of his experience in order to achieve the best possible results.


Rani is teaching both the Wave and Heartbeat levels of the 5Rhythms® Movement Meditation map. She is a facilitator for Osho No-Mind, Osho Born Again, Osho Reminding Yourself of the Forgotten Language of Your Body Mind and is a certified FSTU® practioner.

As a trained Counselor for Integrated Body Psychotherapy (IKP® Zurich), facilitator for Systemic Rituals®, the Skinner Releasing Technique™ and Pedagogue she is enjoying to attend the OI HEARTraining® in Turkey and continues to study different movement, healing and meditation techniques.


Since childhood I didn’t quite fit into any educational system, so by age 16, I left my parents home, experimented with alternative lifestyles, and soon after began exploring my life & the world by travelling. During a long journey through India through a mysterious ‘divine’ inter action in 1978/79 I discovered the Indian mystic Osho and found my whole being resonating with Him and His powerful logical message of truth. Finally in 1985 I moved to his commune in Pune where I immersed myself deeply in various meditation techniques and de-conditioning therapy groups.

I am fascinated beyond measure with this ‘mysterious manifested love energy’ condensed in this “body-mind-heart” phenomenon known as “the human body”, the temple of our soul. Our body is a micro-cosmos in itself, and its capacities to balance and heal itself are beyond comprehension. I consider myself gifted and fortunate to be able to support and assist people on their life journey towards optimal health, the awakening of love & consciousness, and perhaps inshallah finally towards enlightenment and ultimate freedom.


Ravi is a musician, singer-songwriter and seeker. He was born in Minsk, Belarus and got into meditation around the age of 17 ending up doing Dynamic and other Osho Active meditations on his 18th birthday. Getting the “i found my home” feeling, Ravi jumped into the Osho World and sannyas, breaking off with the past doing groups, moving to another town and already in 1994 coming to Osho Commune International in India.

It was an important 4-month stay when Ravi translated Osho’s “Empty Boat”, worked in a few departments of the Commune and finally joined the music team of the place. Experience of playing music for meditators was invaluable and gave an insight on how music connects to meditation and the beyond.

Ravi visited and worked in various departments of Osho Commune International later known as Osho International Meditation Resort many times between 94 and 2006. All those experiences of meditation, playing music and being a part of a commune, much later, developed into workshops like “The Joy of Sounding” and groups like “Open your voice” that Ravi leads alone or together with his partner Lalitya. 

Since 2015 Ravi is a member of “SATGITA” – musical group, composing and performing music for meditation and celebration. He is the author of many songs in SATGITA’s repertoir. Besides that Ravi has a long singer-songwriter carrier that includes more than 10 albums of original music and tours around Russia and other places. 

From 2008 Ravi is on the Human Design path and goes through program of professional education in International Human Design School.  Since 2017 – he certified as a Guide of Human Design. Ravi is authorized to give student Human Design basic readings of a bodygraph.


Sada was born in Greece in 1983. She is practicing OSHO Meditations since more than 22 years. Her journey with Osho started in 1997. In these years she participated in many meditation events, courses and trainings in Greece, in Spain and in India. Sada stepped into sannyas in 2003 and traveled to Pune in 2004 for the first time.

Sada is facilitating groups and trainings in OSHO Active Meditations – OSHO Meditation: In Depth & Facilitating – trained with Sudheer and as a trainer with Garimo, OSHO Neo Reiki Trainings and Advanced Metaphysical Energy Work – trained with Anand Himani, OSHO Art Therapy – trained with Meera, OSHO Family Constellation – trained with Svagito, OSHO Mystic Rose Meditative Therapy – trained with Sudheer and Asmita, OSHO Reminding Yourself of the Forgotten Language of Talking to your BodyMind – trained with Sheela, OSHO The Beauty of Darkness – trained with Asmita and Inner Skills – trained with Devendra and Sudheer. She is facilitating OSHO Meditations, OSHO Mystic Rose and giving individual sessions in OSHO Neo Reiki and Family Constellation in OSHO International Meditation Resort and in OSHO Experience Greece. Sada lives in Athens, in Greece where she is a co-leader, organizer and facilitator in OSHO Meditation Center: OSHO experience Greece. She is a co-creator and facilitator of OSHO Meditation Coaching process for people who practice meditation and awareness techniques daily. She is a co-creator and facilitator of OSHO De-Hypnosis process. She is the creator and facilitator of OSHO Women’s group: Femininity Beyond Conditioning and a co-creator and facilitator of OSHO Men & Women: The Path to Unity. Sada through meditation is sharing Osho’ s work in OSHO International Meditation Resort in Pune, in OSHO Experience Greece Meditation Center and wherever she is called.


Sambhavo is a specialized therapist with a clinical masters and PhD in psychology. He has been a teacher and researcher at universities of Florence and Bologna. His passion for human potential and self-discovery drew him to meditation and psychology at a very young age and he became familiar with many self-exploration techniques and therapies.

For the past 20 years he has worked with people. Sambhavo is trained in various therapeutic approaches including Strategic Short-Term Therapy, Trauma Resolution (Somatic Experiencing®), Group Dynamic, Bioenergetics, Sexual Trauma, Primal, Tantra, and Path of Love. Today, he works as an Osho Therapist creating and leading groups at the Osho Multiversity in Pune and many countries around the world.


Sheela is born in Greece and lived for nineteen years in India, working as a therapist and facilitator at the Osho International Meditation Resort. Now she lives in Greece & Canada and travels around the world sharing her work.

Many years of meditation practice, self- inquiry and psychology skills, combined with the exploration of the Inner World, the traditions of Zen, Sufism, and contemporary teachings about the human mind and heart is the base of her work. 
Sheela is a graduated Dance teacher, a Group Leader a Reiki Master and a certified trainer in Meditative Therapies. She has training in self-development techniques and body-work as: Die Before you Die; Japanese Facial Therapeutic Massage, Awareness Intensive, Satori, Opening to Self-Love, Heart Groups, Women Groups, Theta Healing, OSHO Active Meditations & OSHO Meditative Therapies.


Visa is trained in ARUN Conscious Touch, Ayurveda, Thai Yoga Massage, Vinyasa/ Hatha/ Yin Yoga teacher and an OSHO Meditation Facilitator. Vira loves to work with people to invite presence through Moving, Touch, Inquiry and Sharing.

With her sense of Humour and Lightness she likes to open a door into Depth and Authenticity. Since 2013 she created her own Yin Yoga Teacher trainings and is more than happy to bring her love, her joy for touch together with her friend Rachana to OSHO Afroz. Both facilitates Massage Trainings since 15 years.

And last, but not least… the AFROZ TEAM.
Year after year many friends come to this part of Greece and participate in the work as meditation program in Afroz during the season and make all of this happen. (If you want to know more, click here)

We want to extend a special thank you to the full team who are already in the preparation of this years festival and excited to welcome you in August!

See you soon!

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