In Search of the Miraculous

Summer Festival 2019

22nd - 26th of August 2019

The OSHO Afroz Summer Festival is happening in late August in OSHO Afroz Meditation Center. It will take place on the beautiful Island of Lesvos in sunny Greece.

An unforgettable five days adventure to meet many new friends and have life changing experiences through meditations, workshops, morning classes, dance and movement, creativity and art, celebration – and of course a swim at the beach nearby.

Everyone Welcome!!

Enjoy 5 days of...


Experience with meditations technics you don't know or rejoice with the one you already love.

Live Music & Celebration

Enjoy the beat and have a dance in the daily live music events.

Friends & great food

Eat from the organic vegetarian kitchen, slurp a juice at the bar and have a chat with friends from all over the world .

21 Workshops

Participate in one of the workshops lead by an international team of facilitators.

Relaxation & Nature

Relax among the olive trees, swim at the beach nearby, unwind with a massage.

Morning Classes

Enjoy a daily morning class, outside, sheltered by a gorgeous oak tree

OSHO Afroz Summer Festival is...

In the OSHO Afroz summer festival, from Morning classes like Yoga or Conscious dance to Transformative workshops, you will find a broad selection of workshops, events, concerts and meditations to make these 5 festival days a blast. 

Have a look at the highlights of the festival and join the celebration.


Breath, express, connect, trust, watch.. OSHO Afroz festival offers many ways for you to explore and dive deep within yourself.

“Transformation means becoming that which you really are” OSHO

Body & Heart

Learn from your body, explore with Human design, Bach flowers or Aura-soma and connect to your heart. OSHO Afroz festival is also about healing.

“Love heals not only the body, not only the mind, but also the soul” OSHO

Creativity & Dance

Through paint, movements, sounds or connecting to your inner child. OSHO Afroz festival 2019 is the perfect place to experiment with your creativity.

“Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence” OSHO

Morning Classes & Silence sittings

Awake your body,  with a morning class, in the opened sky. Later on, close to a beautiful oak tree, sit in silence & just be, supported by OSHO words and live music.

“Just sitting there under a tree, you start feeling, falling in tune with the immensity that surrounds you.” OSHO

OSHO Meditations

With daily OSHO Dynamic and Kundalini, OSHO Evening Meeting with live music, plenty of others OSHO meditations, as well as social meditation, like AUM, during the festival, meditation is THE essential part of the celebration.

“And when you are alone and you feel your own presence, it is meditation” OSHO 

Celebration & Music

In the OSHO Afroz festival, we celebrate with live music events and concerts, heart dance or just dancing under the opened sky.

“As your silence grows, your friendliness, your love grows; your life becomes a moment-to-moment dance, a joy, a celebration” OSHO

Our Line Up

From all over the world meditators, therapists, musicians and friends will gather to share their experience and take you through many beautiful journey. 

OSHO Afroz Meditation Center

For those who wish to meditate, OSHO Afroz has an environment of safety, acceptance & awareness; a beautiful & powerful Buddha field that has been created throughout the years where one can relax and enjoy the beautiful nature around.

OSHO Afroz offers a unique and special experience, an alternative place and way of vacation for a real recreation, rest & self-discovery, all in unique balance.


OSHO is a contemporary mystic who defies categorization, reflecting everything, from the individual quest for meaning, to the most urgent social and political issues facing society today.

He has a stated aim to create the conditions for the birth of a new kind of human being, “Zorba the Buddha” – one whose feet are firmly on the ground, yet whose hands can touch the stars.

Contact Us

If you are interested in joining us this summer, you have questions or for any other enquiry. 

Send us a message to or below directly through the contact form and we will get back to you as quickly as possible! 

With Love,
OSHO Afroz Team